Thursday, 28 July 2016


Advice and Guidance Programme
Term 2 2016
Beginning Teachers - Leanne Spicer
Tutor Teacher- Jo Ann

Term 2
Week 1
Release Day meeting with DP and P - orientation.

Week 2
Meeting - transition to Oaklands. Any queries. Docs will be set up next week which w ewill use for our weekly meetings.
Week 3  
Set up Trello and Beginning Teacher paperwork ready to share with Leanne next week.  
Release Day Thursday 19 May - Donna came in. Release person.
Week 4
Meeting: Maths planning and grouping.
Week 5
Meeting: Friday
Trello working - reading groupings, reading planning.

Release Day - icans entered on etap, running records entered.
Week 6
Meeting Thurs 9th 3pm
Observation 11.30 ( r 18 Music)  
Week 7
Meeting Thursday 3pm.
Release day -   Report writing. Professional Readings from Caroline.
Week 8
Meeting Thursday 3pm.
Week 9

Meeting Thursday 3pm.
Release day - Meeting with Margaret. Report writing.
Week 10
Observation Thursday 11.40  ( Rm 18 Music)

Term 3
Week 1
Meeting Monday 25th July 3pm - goals for term. PRT blog.
Release day
Week 2

Week 3  

Week 4
Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Leanne Spicer Term 2 report 2016 - by JoAnn O'Loughlin (via Google Docs)

Leanne quickly picked up Oaklands procedures and ways through working in Room 14 co- teaching with Emma Frampton, through being a good listener, asking effective questions, meeting with Caroline Martin and with tutor teacher on a regular basis, through team meeting and staff meeting Professional development, through PLGs and being a member of a focus group.

Professional Qualities:

  • Open minded.
  • Active listener.
  • Effective Questioner.
  • Excellent Relationships with students  in class.
  • Positive climate and  strong culture  in her class.
  • Writing - maths - reading. - curriculum well underway.
  • Action stations excellent - based on working with Action Stations guru at Merrin.
  • Teaching techniques - strong class and group management. Incorporates one on one into daily timetable well.
  • Contributes to CRT days and team meetings.
  • Innovative ideas for Year 1 Break Out programme. High Quality Art programme designed and implemented in term 2.
  • Proactive approach. Addresses any issues as they arise.
  • Life experience - calm manner.

"I have enjoyed my transition into Oaklands School. It has been smooth, due to the professional Senior Management team being organised with sharing School expectations and procedures through meetings and their Home page. I have loved working with Emma, who has always shared her knowledge happily as we planned and shared our students for term 2. The staff are all very welcoming and have been supportive to questioning. Collaboration is already practised widely throughout and is a part of this schools culture. I am looking forward to further solidifying my second year of learning in term 3. My focus for term 3 will be focussing on my priority learners with different strategies to engage and motivate learning and I will be conducting my teaching as inquiry on behaviour management strategies (do they facilitate long term change? Do I influence and empower their pro-social skills?)"

My classroom blogs - Demonstrating skills of effective communication

Please visit this blog site to see the many learning opportunities provided to akonga.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Classroom Environment

CTC 2 - In demonstrating commitment to promote the well-being of all akonga, I have created and maintain a safe environment that is conducive for learning.

CTC 7 - I model interactions on ways that are known to be associated with developing respect and understanding

"Each week we have a learning focus which is revisited each day and student voice is recorded and then displayed on the wall.  Parents can read and I can refer back to my students learning to assist me with understanding and respecting their prior knowledge and views."

Positive Feedback from a future Father of son coming to Oaklands

Justine Birdling

9:02 AM (2 hours ago)
to Oaklands
Thank you to school management, and all the staff for organising the open day this week. I had a great experience as a father of a 3.5 year old visiting the school to understand how it will be for my son when he starts school! I am confident he will be comfortable settling in the school. Thanks to all the YR 0, YR 1, YR 2 teachers who let us sit in and watch, answered questions and showed us around while the class was in progress. Thanks again and look forward to knowing the school and staff more in the near future. Cheers!

On open day I had 2 prospective parents of under 5 year olds come and join in with our classroom learning. This father was welcomed by us all and observed me taking my reading groups, followed by questioning our learning programme. I also encouraged him to ask the children about their experience at school so far, which he did.
"It is a bucket filler when we take the time to show our appreciation. It costs nothing to show gratitude with our words and is in return appreciated back."

Professional Readings - Effective Classroom Management - Quotes and reflections

"Effective classroom managers are known ... to set their classrooms up for success and to prevent problems from occuring...." (Scheuermann & Hall, 2008)
"This emphasises the importance of environment; modelling the learning expected (just like a library environment) and a consistent routine set for learning expectations."

Marzano (2003) states that "effective classroom management techniques.. engagement rates are higher and classroom disruptions are dramatically reduced."

In New Zealand classroom management is seen as a key aspect within culturally responsive practice.
Example, the Te Kotahitanga Effective Teaching Profile (Bishop and Berryman, 2009, pages 8-9)
1.  Caring for students as culturally-located human beings above all else
2.  Caring for the performance of students
3.  Able to create a secure, well managed learning environment.
4.  Able to engage in effective teaching interactions with Maori with Maori.
5.  Using strategies that promote effective teaching interactions and relationships with learners.
6.  Promoting, monitoring and reflecting on outcomes that in turn lead to improvements in
     educational achievement for Maori students.
                                                      (Pages 8-9)

"Classroom management is the careful orchestration of classroom life so that students are able to  make the most of their opportunities to learn."  (Prochnow and Macfarlane, 2011)

"Promoting academic learning time (The time when students are actively, successfully and productively engaged in learning) can raise student achievement" (Brophy and Good, 1986)

Effective Classroom Practices Checklist

My next steps focus for Term 3 :
1.  Do my behaviour management strategies facilitate long term change(s) or do they merely suppress behaviour?

2.  How do I currently respond to/address positive and long term behavioural change in my students?  Do I influence and empower their pro-social skills?