Sunday, 24 July 2016

Professional Readings - Effective Classroom Management - Quotes and reflections

"Effective classroom managers are known ... to set their classrooms up for success and to prevent problems from occuring...." (Scheuermann & Hall, 2008)
"This emphasises the importance of environment; modelling the learning expected (just like a library environment) and a consistent routine set for learning expectations."

Marzano (2003) states that "effective classroom management techniques.. engagement rates are higher and classroom disruptions are dramatically reduced."

In New Zealand classroom management is seen as a key aspect within culturally responsive practice.
Example, the Te Kotahitanga Effective Teaching Profile (Bishop and Berryman, 2009, pages 8-9)
1.  Caring for students as culturally-located human beings above all else
2.  Caring for the performance of students
3.  Able to create a secure, well managed learning environment.
4.  Able to engage in effective teaching interactions with Maori with Maori.
5.  Using strategies that promote effective teaching interactions and relationships with learners.
6.  Promoting, monitoring and reflecting on outcomes that in turn lead to improvements in
     educational achievement for Maori students.
                                                      (Pages 8-9)

"Classroom management is the careful orchestration of classroom life so that students are able to  make the most of their opportunities to learn."  (Prochnow and Macfarlane, 2011)

"Promoting academic learning time (The time when students are actively, successfully and productively engaged in learning) can raise student achievement" (Brophy and Good, 1986)

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